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Grandmaster (Thor Ragnarok)

A look that does not go unnoticed

More in the spirit of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, the grandmaster has a look that is frankly not ordinary. He wears a big golden dress with very well represented textures details, with matching golden flip-flops and we can guess a blue tunic underneath. At the head level, we find his silver hair styled in point and he completes his look with blue makeup around his eyes, on his little goatee as well as on the nails of his feet and hands.


A ridiculous tyrant

The Grandmaster is the leader of the planet on which Thor lands by accident in the movie Thor Ragnarok. Indeed, while he has just found his father Odin on Earth, the latter dies and this automatically releases Thor’s hidden sister. Hela had been locked up by Odin because she enjoyed death and destruction a little too much. Determined to take revenge and conquer Asgard, Hela destroys Thor’s hammer and Thor is forced to flee through the Bifrost. But Hela pursues him and Thor is sent out of the bifrost to an unknown planet where he is immediately taken prisoner by one of the ancient valkyries. She sells him to the Grandmaster, the eccentric ruler of the planet, and he is forced to fight as a gladiator. The Grandmaster, with his eccentric style and somewhat precious manners, may seem harmless at first but he is no less cruel. However, in the rather wacky spirit of this third Thor opus, he is a rather amusing villain.


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