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Grishn?kh (The Lord Of The Rings)

A less hideous physique than average

If orcs can have particularly deformed and disgusting physiques, this one is finally quite sober. His face is red with a pointed nose and his mouth opens on a row of fangs relatively well aligned. He wears long hair starting at the back of his head and his outfit is rather classical for an orc. A mixture of animal skins with a metal armor and loincloth of plates in relatively good condition. He also wears big boots, armor on his arms and a rather crude but effective weapon.

A hungry orc

Grishn?kh is one of the orcs with a somewhat prominent role in The Lord Of The Rings. He is one of those sent by Saruman to capture Frodo at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring. Frodo manages to escape with Sam but the orcs capture Merry and Pippin, not making the difference between the different hobbits they have to capture. As the Uruk-hai captains insist that the hobbits be brought to Saruman unharmed, the orcs are increasingly tempted to eat them. Conflicts break out between the orcs and Merry and Pippin take advantage of this to escape. But Grishn?kh sees them and chases them into the Fangorn forest, determined to eat them. Fortunately for the two hobbits, the Fangorn forest is the home of the ents, those magical living trees, and one of them, in which they had taken shelter, crushes the orc like a common insect.


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