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Groot Gamer (Marvel)

A playful tree

Funko has depicted him playing a video game for this new version of the famous character. He is sitting cross-legged and holding a very retro game controller. Next to him, we can see a bag of popcorn and in his left hand, he holds a cup with a red straw. His body is as always made of wood with some green touches for the foam. His head is elongated with a small branch sticking up. and a very concentrated look on his face.


A teenage tree

Groot is a character from the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy universe. He is a kind of humanoid tree that only speaks the word Groot but still seems very intelligent and has powers, including the ability to expand his body by growing his arms and legs instantly. He was initially Rocket Raccoon’s partner and worked as a bounty hunter before joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the movies, he dies and Rocket recovers one of his branches and grows a new version of him, first as a baby and then as a teenager, displaying the attitude that goes with it.


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