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Groot with bomb (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

An adorable little destroyer

This figurine exclusive to Toys’r Us stores represents Groot when Rocket gives him a bomb that only he can go and place in a narrow rift in the heart of Ego the living planet. We find Groot with his body composed of branches and lianas intertwined forming arms and legs. At the level of his head, being his big smile, we can see that he is not really worried about the idea of having to carry a bomb. Finally, in his hands he holds the bomb with the different elements very finely represented, including this famous red button which he must not touch.


Communication difficulties

Groot is one of the most popular characters in Marvel Studios’ Guardians Of The Galaxy movie series. A sort of anthropomorphic living tree that speaks only one phrase, I am Groot,” Groot is the partner of the bounty hunter Rocket, a genetically modified raccoon. In the first film, they both find themselves partnered with Peter Quill, Gamora and Drax to save a planet and Groot sacrifices himself to save them all. Fortunately Rocket recovers a small shoot and manages to replant it to grow a new Groot. In the second movie, Groot has already grown up a bit but he is still a baby and doesn’t always understand very well what is asked of him, which doesn’t make things easier when Rocket is trapped with Yondu and they need his help to escape. However, at the end of the movie when they need his help to destroy the planet of Peter’s father who turns out to be evil, they will be able to count on him.


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