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Groot with candy (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

Groot as a bystander

For this Hot Topic store exclusive figure, Groot is shown holding a bowl filled with candy. This represents the moment when their ship is attacked and Peter Quill has to deal with a rather sporty landing. Groot then straps himself into his chair and grabs a bowl of candy to watch this as if he were at the movies. He is shown sitting with the big bowl between his legs and full of small round candies of all colors. He is holding a red one in his left hand and on his face, we find his big round eyes and his mouth that gives him a surprised and apparently fascinated by what he is looking at.


Not yet a great help

Groot is the famous anthropomorphic tree-shaped creature in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie series from Marvel Studios. In the first film, Groot is a large tree who works as a bounty hunter with the genetically modified raccoon Rocket. But when they cross paths with Peter Quill, they get caught up in his stories with Gamora and Drax and together they save a planet from destruction. Unfortunately, Groot sacrifices himself to save his friends when their ship crashes. In the end, Rocket retrieves a small sprout from Groot and plants it in a pot, creating a new Groot. In the second movie, Groot has already grown up a bit but is still a child. The group now works together on a variety of clients and missions, and despite his young age and small size, little Groot is still eager to participate, which isn’t always helpful.


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