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Harley Quinn diamond (Batman the animated series)

A brilliant character

For this exclusive figure, Funko decided to represent Harley Quinn with her classic outfit but in a diamond version, that is to say covered with glitter. We find this traditional black and red suit with the small hood with tassels and the mask in front of his eyes. The glitter is everywhere on the figure except for his eyes which are white to contrast with the black mask.


The psychiatrist gone bad

Harley Quinn, whose real name is Harleen Quinzel, is one of the most famous and popular enemies in the Batman universe. An eminent psychiatrist, she was in charge of treating the Joker when he was committed to Arkham Asylum. But she allowed herself to be seduced and fell in love with him, eventually deciding to help him escape and join him. After being, like him, immersed in an acid bath, she also lost her mind a little. She then adopted the character of Harley Quinn, dressing in harlequin outfits, usually in black and red. Harley Quinn has a very particular sense of humor and enthusiasm, getting into crime more for the fun of it than out of any real conviction, which can be seen in her use of wacky weapons. She is also particularly gifted for gymnastics.


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