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Harley Quinn (Batman Arkham Asylum)

Harley Quinn as a nurse

As the story takes place on the island of Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn wears a nurse disguise. Of course, Harley will not wear a classic costume but a costume adapted to her usual outfits always two-tone, here purple and red. As usual, this figure of Harley Quinn is very successful and we find all the details of the boots, the corset or the face.


A Harley Quinn true to herself

Harley Quinn is a character from the video game Batman Arkham Asylum. In this game released in 2009, the most dangerous criminals of Gotham City have been transferred to Arkham Asylum after a fire at the prison. Harley Quinn takes advantage of this to escape the Joker, all his gang, but also all the other criminals like the famous Poison Ivy.


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