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Harley Quinn with mallet (DC Comics)

Harley Quinn and her mallet

Harley Quinn is represented here with her famous black and red mallet that she holds on her shoulders. In terms of look, she has never abandoned her inspiration of the Queen of Diamonds that we find in the colors of her sneakers and pants. With that she wears a torn beige t-shirt and a big belt buckle with a skull that reminds her punk side. At the level of the head, we find her very pale skin as well as the blue and red make-up on her eyes and her blond hair whose points are dyed in these same colors. Finally, we also find the small red heart on his cheek.


A new life but not quite

Harley Quinn is one of the most popular characters in the DC comics universe. She first appeared in the Batman comics with the Joker. She was a psychiatrist at the asylum where the Joker was locked up, but she fell in love with him and decided to run away with him, accepting a life of crime by his side. Harley Quinn soon became very popular for her crazy yet cheerful side and her taste for comically exaggerated weapons such as her famous mallet. Afterwards, Harley Quinn had her own adventures. She stopped her abusive relationship with the Joker to resume a more normal life. But Harley Quinn doesn’t like normality and keeps her exuberant personality. She often finds herself in crazy adventures more or less in spite of herself.


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