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Hawkeye Endgame (Avengers Endgame)

A new look

During his five years as a vigilante, Clint has adopted a new, much darker look. He wears black pants and jacket with gold elements referring to Japanese warriors. He also wears shin guards and big black boots. In his right hand, he carries his bow, his favorite weapon and on the other hand, we can see that his gloves have only three fingers to facilitate his shots. Finally, at the level of his head, his hair is now styled in mohawk.


A desperate man

Hawkeye is one of the main characters in the Avengers Endgame movie. Having made a deal with the government, Hawkeye had retired to stay with his family, which explained his absence in the previous movie. But at the beginning of this one, we can see that during Thanos’ snap, Clint Barton’s entire family had disappeared, his wife and two children. After an unsuccessful attempt to retrieve the gauntlet from the hands of Thanos, who has already destroyed it, the characters accepted that there was nothing they could do and there is a five-year jump. Natasha Romanoff is still trying to reconnect with Hawkeye, who has become a sort of masked vigilante who has made it his mission to kill all criminals who have not been eliminated by the snap. But when Scott Lang reappears after spending five years on the quantum plane and somehow traveling through time, the Avengers come up with a new plan to retrieve the stones from the past, they will need all the help they can get. Natasha convinces Clint to come back and be part of the mission with her.


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