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Hodor (Game Of Thrones)

The big guy in the gray tunic

In the series, Hodor is a simple servant in the service of the Starks, so his attire is simple and modest. He always wears the same thing and that is how he is represented on this figure. He wears a long grey canvas tunic (perhaps a little lighter than in the series) tightened at the waist by a brown leather belt and black boots. His hair is faithfully reproduced, it is grey/white, cut short but a bit messy. He also has a light three-day beard and the creators of the figurine did not forget the small detail that makes him more recognizable: the scar on the side of his face. The figure is quite simple but true to the character whose most recognizable feature is finally his impressive stature. It would have been funny if some characters like him or The Hound” were significantly taller than the other figures.


The least talkative man in Westeros

Hodor is one of the recurring characters in the series Game Of Thrones” and the novels “A Song Of Ice And Fire”. Although he is present from season 1 and in almost every episode, we cannot consider Hodor as a main character since his actions have very little importance on the development of the main events of the series. Hodor is the son of “Old Nan”, the nanny of the young Stark children. His real name is actually Walder, but being simple-minded, he only speaks the word “Hodor” in all circumstances and so that’s what everyone ends up calling him. It is not known who his father is, although one of the theories of the readers is that he is a bastard son of Walder Frey (hence his name). When young Bran Stark falls from a tower and wakes up disabled, Hodor becomes his legs. Hodor is very tall and strong, so he has no trouble carrying him on his back or in his arms wherever Bran needs to go. After Theon invades Winterfell, Hodor will help Bran and his brother escape and will go with him and the Reeds beyond the wall to find the three-eyed raven that Bran sees in his dreams. Bran will even take over Hodor’s body when they are in danger.


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