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Hodor Hold the Door (Game Of Thrones)

A dramatic moment

Hodor is shown here during that famous moment when he uses his impressive build to hold the wooden door that keeps the wights in the tunnel and prevents them from grabbing Bran and Mera. He is wearing his usual gray outfit with pants, tunic and boots. His face is terrified with several scratches already on his face and gray hair and beard. He is standing in front of an old wooden door held by vines but it is already pierced in several places and the arms of the wights are already attacking Hodor.


A tragic character

Hodor is an important character in the Game Of Thrones saga. We meet him at the beginning as one of the servants of the Stark family. He is the son of the Stark children’s nurse and has the particularity to be physically very impressive, very big and strong, but he seems to be mentally deficient. Indeed, he only speaks the word Hodor. That’s what everyone is used to calling him, but it’s not his first name. And he was not always like this either. He was perfectly normal when he was young. When Theon attacks the castle, Hodor goes with Bran to find the three-eyed raven beyond the wall. They are joined by Jorjen and Mera Reed. But when they finally find it and Bran learns that he will have to replace it, they are attacked by the White Walkers. The White Walkers must flee while Bran is learning to use his power of vision in the past and future. He realizes that it was his trip to the past that drove Hodor crazy because he heard Mera yelling Hold the door” to Hodor to stop the wights from getting through and give Bran a chance to escape.


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