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Holiday Groot (Marvel)

An adorable baby

Funko represented here Groot in Christmas version for a second series of Marvel figurines in festive version. He represented here the young child Groot in his pot with a light garland around his body. In addition to this one, he is decorated with objects found in the movies as the music cassette of the 80s of Star Lord or the badge that he flies in a ship. He has his arms out to the side and a big smile that implies he doesn’t really mind being turned into a Christmas tree.


A living tree

Groot is an important character of the Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy license adapted from the comic books of the same name. Groot is a member of an unknown species that are humanoid trees. He is intelligent and can speak but the only words he speaks are I am Groot”. In the first movie, he is an adult tree who works as a bounty hunter with his sidekick Rocket Raccoon. But at the end of the movie, he sacrifices himself to save his friends when their ship crashes. Rocket recovers some of his remaining twigs and grows a new groot. At the end of the movie, we see his baby version and his child version in the second movie. In Avengers Infinity War, he became a teenager.


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