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Hulk (Avengers Age Of Ultron)

Angry Hulk

So it is in his Hulk form that Dr. Bruce Banner is represented here. Of course, his skin is green and his muscles are hyper-developed. Since the Hulk is always angry, he is represented with his fists clenched as we can see on most of the promo pictures of the movie. His face also shows the bestial rage that always accompanies him when he is in this form. He has the black eyes of most pop figures, but Funko chose to give volume to his eyebrows to accentuate his expression. They also gave him a unique mouth expression that is true to the one he has on the movie poster. Finally, when Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk, all of his clothes are torn apart except for his pants, which, although shortened, remain pretty much intact. Here, it appears that he was depicted with pants custom made to withstand the transformation of his wearer.


Marvel’s Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Hulk is a character from the Marvel comic book universe and superhero movies. He is the second personality” of Dr. Bruce Banner. A physicist for the U.S. Army, he received high doses of gamma radiation while working on a new bomb. In the movie, a different version is given, since it is said that he was working on the serum that transformed Steve Rogers into Captain America. Although he surprisingly does not die, his DNA is strongly modified. Unlike Steve Rogers who becomes tall, fast and strong in a lasting way, Bruce Banner only turns into the Hulk when he is angry, stressed or in mortal danger. His skin turns green, he grows to gigantic proportions and becomes especially strong. But he also becomes a kind of ferocious beast that is totally uncontrollable. In the first movie, he joins the Avengers for his scientific abilities but the Hulk will also prove to be very useful to fight against Loki’s army. In Age Of Ultron, Bruce Banner seems to have learned to better manage the Hulk and to use him when necessary. He also works full time as a scientist with Tony Stark. Along with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow, this time they will have to face the robot Ultron. Although a first Hulk movie with Edward Norton was made by Marvel, it is to the actor Mark Ruffalo that the role was entrusted since the first Avengers movie.


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