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Hulk with Infinity Gauntlet (Avengers Endgame)

All the power of the Hulk

Funko has represented him in a super sized version wearing the famous glove with the six infinity stones. This one is clearly based on Iron-Man’s suit and adapted to the Hulk’s imposing hand. He also wears the tight-fitting suit made for him and supposed to fit his change in size (even if it is not necessary anymore). This one is gray with purple elements reminding the classic Hulk outfit in the comics. Finally, his body is of course all green but his face is not angry as before and we just find his bushy eyebrows as well as his black hair in spikes.


The strongest of the Avengers

Hulk is one of the main characters of the Avengers movies in general and Avengers Endgame in particular. After Thanos snapped, Bruce Banner was one of the remaining Avengers and was part of the mission to try and retrieve the gauntlet. After learning that Thanos had already destroyed it, we find the Avengers five years later. While some like Tony Stark have moved on and others are trying their best to control the situation like Black Widow, Bruce Banner is back to his experiments. Frustrated that he couldn’t use all of the Hulk’s strength while remaining in full control of his mind, he finally managed to stabilize the Hulk’s physique while still being himself. So when Ant-Man returns and proposes a solution to retrieve the stones from the past, Hulk is one of the first to work on it. And once the stones are recovered and assembled on a glove, he is of course the first to offer to wear it. Indeed, a normal human is not supposed to be able to bear the contact of his powerful objects. So he puts on the glove and finally manages to snap his fingers and bring back all the people Thanos had made disappear. But this is not without seriously damaging his arm.


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