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Hulk with tacos (Avengers Endgame)

A friendly giant

Funko has represented here the Hulk with his green and giant form but dressed normally instead of always having his clothes torn. He wears black pants with a tight white t-shirt and a blue wool vest not unlike what Bruce Banner would have worn. On the head, he has green skin, brown hair and wears the glasses of Bruce Banner. Finally, he is represented during a very specific scene where he shares a lunch with Ant Man who brought tacos, these last ones appearing of course very small for Hulk.


A clever giant

Hulk is one of the main characters of the movie Avengers Endgame from Marvel Studios. At the beginning of the movie, with the arrival of Captain Marvel, the Avengers try a last attack to try to reverse what Thanos has done. But Thanos has already destroyed the gauntlet and the stones and there is nothing left to do. Five years later, as the remaining Avengers try to rebuild their lives, Ant Man shows up after being stuck on the quantum plane for five years feeling like it was only a few hours. He then has the idea of using quantum technology to return to the past. The team reconnects with Bruce Banner who has adapted as best he can to this new world. Indeed, after new experiments and feeling guilty for not having been able to really participate in the fight against Thanos, he managed to keep his Hulk form permanently but with his personality and the intelligence of Bruce Banner. It is thus him who will begin the experiments on the travel in time with Ant Man. But these experiments turn out to be more complicated than expected, so they will call upon Iron Man who had since retired and had a daughter with Pepper.


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