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Inspecteur Gadget chase (Inspecteur Gadget)

Gadget in the hat

For this chase version of the character, Funko depicted the inspector with the extra hand coming out of his hat and presenting his police badge. Apart from that, he wears as always his gray raincoat over his blue pants. His hands are gloved and he holds a magnifying glass in one hand. Finally, he wears his usual gray hat with two black hair strands coming out on the sides and a big nose in the middle of his face.


The luckiest inspector

Inspector Gadget is the main character of the animated series Inspector Gadget. Created in the 80s, it had the particularity of being a French-Canadian-American-Japanese production. It is a police inspector from Metro city who was equipped with many gadgets after having suffered a serious accident. But despite this precious technological advantage, he is not a very good policeman and his instincts are often wrong. Fortunately, he is helped in his investigations by his niece Sophie who is very smart and he always gets out of trouble thanks to his improbable luck.


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