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Sophie (Inspecteur Gadget)

A typical 80’s style

Sophie is represented here with the typical colorful 80’s look. She wears green pants with lapels and lighter patches. With that, she wears a red and white striped t-shirt and small yellow and red sneakers. At the level of the head, we find her blond hair styled in two pigtails on the sides and a fringe on the front of the face. Finally, she carries her brown bag across the chest and wears, as always, her digital watch.


The real heroine

Sophie (Penny in American version) is the niece of Inspector Gadget in the cartoon of the same name and plays a very important role in his investigations. Indeed, despite all his super gadgets, Inspector Gadget is not very intelligent and instinctive and can only count on his luck to have never been killed by one of his enemies. On the contrary, Sophie is very intelligent, perhaps even gifted, and she solves most of her investigations without ever getting credit for it. Despite this, she loves her uncle very much and considers him a hero. She is helped by her computer disguised as a book that she always carries with her and probably made herself. Of course, the big bad of the series, Dr. Gang, has understood who is really the brain of their little family.


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