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Inspecteur Gadget flying (Inspecteur Gadget)

Gadget in the Hat

For this new version of the character, the inspector is represented with one of his most famous gadgets, the gadget in the hat. Red helicopter blades are attached to his hat, allowing him to fly, and two sticks allow him to steer with his hands. He is depicted on a transparent base giving the impression that he is flying. He is wearing blue pants with gray shoes and his famous gray raincoat. He has a big nose and strands of hair sticking out of his hat.


King of Gadgets

Inspector Gadget is the hero of the famous 80’s animated series of the same name. After a serious accident, his body was equipped with many gadgets and he became one of the most famous policemen in Metro City. But Inspector Gadget is not very smart or instinctive and is often mistaken about the identity of villains. Fortunately, he is helped by his niece Sophie (Penny in the American version) who is very smart. He is also very lucky and always miraculously escapes the attacks of the villains, especially his sworn enemy the Doctor Gang.


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