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Inspecteur Gadget skates (Inspecteur Gadget)

Gadget with skatex

For this chase version of the character, Funko has represented Inspector Gadget with roller skates and the flashing light above his hat. He wears his usual blue pants with his gray raincoat worn over a white shirt and a blue tie. But instead of his usual shoes, he wears grey roller skates with red wheels and red lights on the back. He also wears his usual grey hat with thin brim and the flashing light on top. We can also recognize his big nose and the black hair strands sticking out of his hat. He looks quite uncomfortable on his rollerblades with one hand back and the other in front trying to keep his balance.


A clumsy inspector

Inspector Gadget is the hero of the 80s animated series of the same name. It takes place in the fictional city of Metro City and tells the adventures of the famous Inspector Gadget. After a terrible accident, he was very injured and they took advantage of the operations to heal him to include all sorts of gadgets on his body. In addition to those added to his clothes and accessories, this earned him the name of Inspector Gadget. Unfortunately, he’s not the smartest of inspectors. In fact, he is rather clumsy and doesn’t have very good instincts when it comes to criminals. Fortunately, his luck saves him most of the time from the traps and pitfalls set by the evil Dr. Gang. He is also helped in his investigations by his niece Sophie (Penny in English) who is very smart and knows very well how to use technology to reach the right conclusions.


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