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Inspecteur Gadget (Inspecteur Gadget)

A funny inspector

The inspector is of course represented with his famous long grey raincoat worn over a blue suit and tie with grey shoes. He also wears brown gloves and holds his famous magnifying glass in his left hand. On the head, we find his very big nose and his black hair sticking out of the grey hat that never leaves his head.


A lucky inspector

Inspector Gadget is the hero of the animated series of the same name created in the 80’s and which has the particularity of being an American-French-Canadian-Japanese production. Inspector Gadget works for the police of the imaginary city of Metro Ville and, following an accident, his body is equipped with many gadgets that should help him solve his investigations. But Inspector Gadget also has the peculiarity of not being very smart, often confusing the good guys for the bad guys and making mistakes all the time in using his gadgets. Fortunately, he can count on his incredible luck to solve his investigations as well as on the help of his niece Sophie (Penny in the American version), a very intelligent little girl, and of Finot (Brain in the American version), a small dog who is also very intelligent and can communicate with her. Throughout the series, he will fight against the criminal organization of the terrible Dr. Gang (Dr. Claw in the American version), a character whose back and cat look diabolical.


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