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Iron Man with gauntlet (Avengers Endgame)

For this new exclusive figure, Funko has represented Iron Man on the ground during the fight when he snaps his fingers to make Thanos disappear. He wears his Iron Man costume very damaged by the fight with big shocks and scratches, especially on his torso. He lost his helmet and his face is dirty with a blood stain on the side of his face. Finally, he is wearing the famous gauntlet and is snapping his fingers.


The Ultimate Sacrifice

Iron Man is one of the main characters of the movies Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. After trying to stop Thanos in the first movie and failing, the remaining members of the Avengers team do their best to move on while trying to maintain order. But five years later, Ant-Man shows up after spending five years on the Quantum Plane and the Avengers come up with a plan to go back in time and retrieve the famous stones before Thanos has taken them and thus bring back half the population. Their plan succeeds, but Thanos from the past chases them into the present and they must fight him one last time. In the end, it is Iron Man who recovers the gauntlet with the stones and he sacrifices himself by putting it on to make Thanos disappear. A crucial moment


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