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Iron Spider Unmasked (Avengers Infinity War)


The newcomer in the gang

Iron Spider is none other than the new nickname given to Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since he was taken under the wing of Tony Stark. Indeed, while he started out as a freelance” superhero in the comics, doing his own thing to create his costume, he was quickly spotted by Tony Stark who saw potential in him, both as a superhero and a scientist. After having recruited him for the first time in his team in the movie Captain America Civil War, we found him in his own adventures and then in Avengers Infinity War. Indeed, when Thanos’ army lands on Earth, Peter joins the fight. He finds himself on Thanos’ ship alongside Tony Stark and Doctor Strange. For this exclusive version of the character, Peter has been represented with his Iron Spider outfit but without his mask. As always, it’s a blue skin-tight suit with red boots, gloves and chest protector but also with metallic gold elements which are of course elements added by Tony Stark. These form a spider with long legs starting from his heart and extending all over his torso. As often, Peter is represented making his famous characteristic hand sign and he is represented without mask with his very wise haircut.


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