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Iron Spider with gauntlet (Avengers Endgame)

An important mission

Funko has depicted Spider Man here in his Tony Stark-enhanced Iron Spider outfit during the final battle with Thanos. Indeed, after the Avengers managed to bring everyone back, the Thanos of the past is determined to get the gauntlet back and use it to destroy the whole galaxy in order to start over this time. The Avengers must keep him at bay. Iron Spider is here in full flight now with a transparent plastic base and his spider legs deployed for landing. His outfit is still red and blue with web patterns but also with some golden elements that remind the style of Iron Man. In his right hand, he holds the new gauntlet looking very much like Iron Man’s armor with the six stones on it and which will pass from hand to hand to avoid Thanos.


An important last minute help

At the end of Avengers Infinity War, Thanos had finally gathered all the stones and managed to make half of the galaxy’s population disappear, which concerned some of the Avengers or their friends like Groot, Bucky, Peter Quill, Doctor Strange or Spider Man. After Thanos destroys the stones, all hope seems lost until Scott Lang arrives five years later, those five years spent in the quantum plane having seemed to last only a few hours. Tony Stark and the Hulk develop a time machine that would allow them to retrieve the stones from various points in the past before Thanos has retrieved them in order to undo what he has done. Their mission succeeds and they manage to bring everyone back by mounting the stones on a new gauntlet, but this attracts the attention of a Thanos from the past who follows them to the present and another epic battle for control of the stones begins. Even with the help of all the fallen heroes, the Avengers will have to make sacrifices to save their planet again.


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