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Jayne Cobb (Firefly)

The man in the hat is not afraid of anyone

Contrary to the other figurines of this series, Funko is not only inspired by the promo pictures of the series but also by those of the TV movie Serenity”. His outfits are generally simple and neutral, neither particularly futuristic nor western, just practical for fighting. So we find a simple beige pants, a green t-shirt and some kind of sneakers, which are perhaps the only element that can seem futuristic. Jayne is a gun enthusiast, so he holds an impressive rifle, finely reproduced, in his hands. As in the Serenity photos, he is wearing thick protective gloves. Finally, what characterizes this character the most here is his head. We can see his characteristic goatee and his eyebrows which give him a slight angry look. But it is especially thanks to this kind of Peruvian cap that we recognize him so well! Indeed, in an episode of the series, he receives it as a gift from his mother and does not realize that the others make fun of him when he wears it. This item has become a cult among fans, who often wear it at conventions or for cosplays. It would have been unthinkable to represent him without it!


Jayne Cobb, the traitor

Jayne Cobb is one of the main characters in the Firefly series. This series, created in 2002 by Joss Whedon, lasted only 14 episodes and a TV movie, but it remains a cult for many fans. In the distant future, humans have colonized the galaxy and live under the global government of the Alliance. But some of them try to keep a certain independence, which gives an atmosphere strongly inspired by the western in addition to the science-fiction aspect. This is the case of the crew of the ship Serenity, whose activities are not always legal. Jayne is probably the least sympathetic character of the crew even if he has a great comic potential, due in part to his very limited intelligence. He was recruited by Captain Malcolm Reynolds when Jayne and his crew were attacking them. When he was offered a better salary, he didn’t hesitate to kill his colleagues to join the crew of the Serenity. Jayne is mainly motivated by money and will try to denounce Simon and River, two passengers running away from the alliance, to get the reward.


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