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Zoe Washburne (Firefly)

A female cowboy

Like Mal and most of the Independents, Zoe has adopted a style very much inspired by westerns. With some adaptations of course, a woman rarely wore pants in those days! As on most of the promo pictures, Zoe wears tight beige pants and black boots, for once more futuristic than western. On top, we find this tight leather vest over this green tunic, giving her a feminine style. Like Mal, she holds her not quite standard pistol and wears its holster at the waist. Funko did not forget to represent her pretty brown skin either. Finally, the most recognizable thing about this character is probably her head, and more specifically, her thick curly hair. This one has been nicely reproduced by the creators of the figurine. We only regret that they didn’t add, for once, the character’s luscious mouth.


The warrior with the tender heart

Zoe Washburne is one of the main characters of the series Firefly”. Although it only had 14 episodes and a TV movie, this series did not go unnoticed and more than 10 years later, fans still regret that it did not find its audience at the time. This atmosphere, both western and science-fiction, and this tasty mix of mystery, action and humor will surely have contributed to make it a cult. A few hundred years in the future, humans have colonized the galaxy and live under the government of a rather undemocratic alliance. The series tells the story of the crew of a ship, the “Serenity”. Their activities range from simple passenger transport to impressive burglaries. The important thing is just to be able to keep flying. Zoe is the ship’s second in command. Along with his captain Malcolm Reynolds, Zoe had fought in the military on the side of the Independents, against the Alliance. Zoe is one of those strong female characters, so dear to Joss Whedon. She knows how to fight and can be ruthless but, like Mal, she has a pretty good heart. Her character is also softened a bit by her relationship with her husband Hoban “Wash” Washburne. He is the ship’s pilot and brings a good dose of humor to the series.


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