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Kaylee Frye (Firefly)

The teddy bear mechanic

As for the other characters, Funko was inspired by the few existing promotional photos of the series. In this case, we can also easily remember the moments when she wears this specific outfit in the series. Being a mechanic and therefore always risking to get dirty, Kaylee always wears a work suit. Here, it is the green sleeveless one that we see her wearing most often. She also holds a small wrench in her hand. Although she is always covered with engine grease, we know that Kaylee dreams of the pretty colored dresses that Inara wears, so she often wears rather feminine colored t-shirts under her suit. Here it is a pink t-shirt with floral patterns finely represented by Funko. As Kaylee is also a bit of a child woman, her suit is patched with a teddy bear pattern that has not been forgotten by the creators of the figurine. Finally, her face is quite simple and her haircut has been rather well reproduced. We would have just liked to see some traces of fat on his face to complete the character!


The sunshine of Serenity

Kaylee Frye is one of the main characters of the series Firefly”. Although it had only 14 episodes in 2002, Firefly is a series that has become cult, which explains the creation of this series of pop figures. It is a science fiction series mixed with humor, action and western atmosphere. A few hundred years in the future, when humans have colonized the galaxy, we follow the life of the crew of the Firefly ship. Their activities range from transporting passengers to petty theft. In all cases, they avoid the alliance at all costs, the government that the ship’s captain, Malcolm Reynolds, fought against during the war of independence. Kaylee is the mechanic, and despite her young age, she’s something of a genius when it comes to machines! She is a very positive character. She is always cheerful, natural, and tends to say whatever comes to mind. She is very attached to her captain Malcolm Reynolds but also to the other members of the crew like Wash, the pilot, Zoe or Inara the courtesan. In the first episode, the crew embarks as a passenger a strange doctor, Simon. Simon runs away from the alliance to protect his gifted young sister, River, on whom the government has done terrible experiments. Simon will eventually join the crew and form a strong relationship with Kaylee.


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