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Kaylee Frye dirty (Firefly)

A positive character

Young Kaylee is probably the most positive character of the whole crew, creating an amusing contrast between her apparent innocence and the rather crude lines she is able to say. This figure is a variation of the one already released of the character. She wears her famous green overalls with a teddy bear sewn on the thigh. Underneath she wears a pink floral long sleeve shirt and holds a wrench in her hand. On the head, her face is simple but we can still recognize her long brown hair. The only difference with the previous figure is the grease stains on her face that she has very often when she works on the ship.


A genius mechanic

Kaylee is the mechanic of the ship Serenity and one of the main characters of the series Firefly by Joss Whedon. Although it lasted only eleven episodes and one TV movie, this science fiction series has become a cult favorite among many fans. Set in the distant future, this series perfectly mixes western atmosphere and science fiction. The Earth having become uninhabitable, humans have terraformed and colonized many other planets and moons, some of them being very developed, others being very hostile and primitive, reminding us of the American western conquest. All the planets are under the control of the alliance after a war between some groups and planets wishing their independence. We follow the adventures of the ship Serenity, its captain who never really accepted the control of the alliance, its crew and their missions not always legal. Kaylee is the young genius mechanic, capable of miracles to repair this not-so-young ship


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