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Jon Snow beyond the wall season six (Game Of Thrones)

Winter has arrived

For this new figurine, Funko has represented Jon with the outfit he wears when he is beyond the wall when he decides to go and capture a wrap. He wears a thick outfit composed of several layers of clothing, wool and fur tunics to face the intense cold. He also wears brown gloves and his famous sword given to him by the commander Mormont. On the head, we find his thick beard and his hair held back. We can also see the scars on his face that tell of the many battles he has survived over the years.


Back to Danger

Jon Snow is one of the central characters of the Game Of Thrones series having well evolved since the young teenager leaving to join the night watch at the very beginning of the series. After several years and having proven his worth, Jon became the leader of the Night’s Watch after the death of Commander Mormont. But his decision to welcome the wildlings on their side of the wall to join the human army instead of the white walkers does not please everyone and several of his men rebel against him and try to kill him. Fortunately, he is brought back to life by Melisandre and since his guard is over” since he died the first time, he decides to leave the night guard and stop fighting. But he is quickly caught up in the war as he has to take Winterfell back from Ramsay Bolton. During season 7, as king of the North, he will end up allying with Daenerys and to prove that the real danger comes from beyond the wall, he will lead an expedition to capture one of the terrible wraiths created by the white walkers.


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