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Jon Snow King in the North (Game Of Thrones)

The Bastard Becomes Lord of Winterfell

After his death and resurrection, Jon leaves the Night’s Watch and decides to retake Winterfell. Thanks to the cloak that Sansa embroiders for him, he becomes officially a Stark and that’s how he is represented on this figurine. No longer a member of the Night’s Watch, he is no longer obliged to wear black, but he is still a Northman and continues to wear a very sober outfit. His pants are brown, his boots are black and he wears a long brown leather tunic. With this, he wears a long woolen coat finely embroidered which reminds us that he is now no longer a simple soldier but a lord. On the fastening, we find the insignia of the Starks embroidered by Sansa and he holds his famous Valyrian sword offered by the commander Mormont. At the level of the head, we can see the scars that are the result of his fight against Ramsay Bolton and his hair is now pulled back.


The young boy has grown up a lot

Jon Snow is one of the central characters of the famous fantasy TV series Game Of Thrones. Although he is initially the young bastard son of Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell, we will soon realize that he is more important than he seems. After having the night’s watch and having distinguished himself by his feats of arms, in particular by repelling an attack of wildlings against the wall, Jon is elected new chief of the night’s watch after the death of the previous one. But after the very controversial decision to invite the wildlings to take refuge south of the wall in exchange for their help in fighting the white walkers, John is betrayed and murdered by some of his own men. Fortunately Melisandre is there to bring him back to life and he decides to leave the Night’s Watch to try and retake Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton now that Sansa has escaped.


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