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Kid Loki (Loki)

An odd duo

This child version of Loki is shown here with his typical green and gold outfit of the Loki character. It is a green tunic with black pants and black boots. In his hand, he holds a golden sword. At the head, we find the black hair of Loki and around his head, he wears a golden crown with a logo representing the horns of the usual crown of Loki. Finally, the alligator version of Loki is standing on his back with his head sticking out the front.


Another variation of Loki

Kid Loki is one of the many variations of Loki found in the TV series of the same name. When Loki and Sylvie are arrested by the TVA, Loki is killed” with one of their sticks that appears to disintegrate people. But he actually ends up on a planet where there is a kind of monster that devours time and space. It is on this planet that the TVA sends all the timelines and variants they want to get rid of. There he meets several versions of himself, including a child version who, despite his appearance, is one of the oldest variants of Loki and who leads a small group of Loki, including an older version and an alligator version.


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