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King Groot (Contest of champions)

A much less cute Groot

This version of Groot is much less cute than the Groot of the movies with his slim figure and his sweet face. He is still made of bark and small green branches but his body is much more massive, his hands end in claws or weapons and his head is much larger. A circular pattern reminiscent of a labyrinth can be found on his forehead and his eyes and mouth express rage.


Another destiny for Groot

King Groot is one of the playable characters of the video game Contest Of Champions. In this universe, Groot has a very different destiny than in the Guardians of The Galaxy comics and movies. He never met Rocket and therefore never joined Star Lord and his gang. He actually became an intergalactic warlord and it is during one of his missions to capture human beings used as guinea pigs that he is himself captured. The collector makes him one of the beings of his collection and sends him to the site of the Contest Of Champions where he will have to fight other famous Marvel heroes.


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