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Logan (Marvel)

A cult mutant

Logan is represented here with the classic outfit of the character, which is also the one he wears in his first scene of the film adaptation of the X-Men saga. He is wearing blue jeans with black shoes and a simple white tank top. He is standing with one leg backwards with his arms crossed and his claws out ready to attack. On the head, he is brown with those two famous peaks on the sides and especially his beard with the so particular shape.


The oldest mutant

Logan is the real name of Wolverine, one of the main heroes of Marvel’s X-Men comics. Logan is a mutant like most of the heroes in these comics and he is one of the oldest known and most complex storylines. Logan’s power is that he can regenerate, which makes him practically immortal. We know that he is at least 200 years old but maybe more, he himself is not sure since he lost his memory following experiments made by an obscure branch of the army. Indeed, they take advantage of his mutation to attach an adamantium armature, a particularly hard and resistant metal, to his entire skeleton, adding retractable claws to each hand. They want to make him a super soldier but he manages to escape and will wander for several years before being found by Professor Xavier who will give him a place in his team and help him understand his past.


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