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Loki Gold (Marvel)

A material that fits well with the character

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Marvel universe adapted to the cinema, Funko has created a series of figurines of the most popular characters in completely golden versions. Loki being probably the fans’ favorite villain, it was logical that he was part of it. He is in a rather dynamic posture holding his famous dagger. We can recognize his long striped tunic as well as his high boots and of course the long cape giving him so much allure. Finally, it is especially at the level of the head that we recognize his long hair but especially his helmet with two big horns at the front of the head.


The mischievous god

Loki is a villain (sometimes becoming a hero) in the movies of the Marvel universe. We discover him for the first time in the movie Thor. Jealous of his brother Thor who would normally become king of Asgard after the death of his father Odin, Loki manages to push his overly impulsive brother Thor to do something serious, and get himself banished to Earth, deprived of his hammer and powers. Meanwhile, Loki discovers that he is in fact the son of an ice giant, which Odin has always hidden from him. He then decides to land on Earth to definitely kill his brother Thor. Thor wins and regains his father’s trust but Loki is still running. In the movie Avengers, he comes with a Chitauri army to try to take over the Earth. In Thor The Dark World, he is in prison on Asgard but circumstances will make him finally ally with his brother.


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