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Lyanna Mormont (Game Of Thrones)

A future little warrior

As the head of a Northern family, Lyanna wears elegant and quality clothing but also dark and sober as is the tradition in these lands. Like Arya, she wears pants, boots and a long tunic instead of a dress. This one is embellished with a belt and golden elements that prove her status. As winter comes, she also wears black gloves and a long woolen cloak trimmed with fur as seen on almost all members of the Stark family. On the head, her face is simple and her brown hair is simply pulled back with two braids on the sides in the Northern fashion. This NYCC 2017 exclusive figure will be a very nice addition to any Game Of Thrones collection.


A promising young woman

Lyanna Mormont is a character from the Game Of Thrones series inspired by the famous fantasy novels by George Martin. Although she has only appeared in a few episodes over the past two seasons, this character has made a strong impression on the audience as well as on the other characters she has crossed paths with. This ten year old girl is currently the leader of the Mormont family, all the others being dead (Jeor Mormont) or banished (Jorah Mormont). When Jon Snow leaves the Night’s Watch, Sansa convinces him to attack the Boltons to retake Winterfell. To do this, they will need the help and support of all the families in the North. The Mormonts have always been loyal to the Starks and Lyanna is the first to join Jon and accept him as King in the North. Although still a child, she is particularly intelligent, uncompromising and courageous.


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