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Mag The Mighty (Game Of Thrones)

A fierce character

For this exclusive figure of Mag, Funko logically chose to make it a super sized fifteen centimeters instead of the usual ten. His outfit is mainly dark brown and made of different pieces tied around him with ropes and other pieces of fabric. At the level of the head, we recognize these so particular features which give him an air a little Neanderthal. His hands as well as his mouth and the rest of his face are in a particularly aggressive posture, which is logical since he is most likely represented at the time of his attack on Castle Black.


A worthy adversary

Mag The Mighty is a character from the Game Of Thrones series appearing in a single episode at the end of season 4 when the wildlings attack Castle Black in the hope of getting into Westeros. Mag The Mighty is the giant who manages to break down the door leading to the tunnel forming the only passage through the wall. Three men of the guard are sent to stop him from going further and at the end of the battle, Jon finds all four of them dead. Later, Jon will learn from Mance Ryder that Mag was the last of a very old lineage.


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