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Mei mid-blizzard (Overwatch)

Mei in the blizzard

For this exclusive Hot Topic figure, Funko decided to represent Mei with a pink version of her usual outfit but especially with a blizzard vortex around her. We find her usual anorak lined with fur and her moon boots all in pink and purple with touches of green. In her hand, she holds her gun and is surrounded by her blizzard whirlwind in transparent blue plastic driven by the little robot that always accompanies her. On the head, she wears as usual her big black glasses and her bun held by a metal spike.


A heroine from the cold

Mei is one of the most popular playable heroines in the futuristic first-person shooter Overwatch. Many years before the game began, Mei was a climatologist. One of her missions in Antarctica went wrong, and Mei was forced to put herself in a cryogenic isolation chamber to survive the destruction of the base that killed all her colleagues. In the game, she can now use a device that allows her to control the climate, creating ice walls, frost vortexes or self-cryogenization to protect herself from attacks.


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