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Melisandre (Game Of Thrones)

The Red Woman

The colors of this new religion from the continent of Essos are red and generally fire, used to read the future and sacrifice human beings to the god R’hllor. Melisandre is called the red woman because her hair is red and she is always dressed in red. We find her with her red dress that we can see her wearing in one of the first episodes where she appears and that she often wears afterwards. She also wears around her neck the necklace decorated with a red stone that she never leaves. At the level of the head, her face is very simple but we find her long red hair partly brought back to clear her face. Finally, she holds a flaming torch in her right hand, perhaps preparing to perform a sacrifice.


Melisandre, the priestess of R’hllor

Melisandre is one of the important characters of the series Game Of Thrones, the famous television adaptation of A Song Of Ice And Fire, the series of novels by George Martin. The story takes place in a medieval fantasy world where several great families of the continent of Westeros are vying for the throne while in the far north of the continent, beyond the huge wall built to protect them, the White Walkers are getting dangerously close. At the beginning of the series, the current King Baratheon is killed by his wife Cersei Lannister, fearing that he will discover that his children are the fruit of incest with his brother. The king’s brother, Stannis, then decides to gather an army to reclaim the throne that is his. At his side is Melisandre, a priestess of a new religion from the continent of Essos. When, thanks to her supernatural powers, she manages to kill her other brother, Renly, for him, Stannis begins to trust her more and more. He will even let himself be influenced to do the worst things, as this religion is also based on human sacrifice, especially of royal blood. This character is one of the most mysterious. We never really know her true intentions as well as the real extent of her powers, especially when it comes to predicting the future.


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