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Meowscles (Fortnite)

A muscular cat

Meowscles is a character with a human body and a cat head. His body is very muscular, his pecs and abs are very developed and he stands with his arms at his sides, his muscles bulging. He is wearing blue jeans with big construction shoes and straps with nothing on top. A cat’s tail sticks out of his pants in the back. His head is three colors, white, dark gray and brown, colors also found on his torso and arms.


A funny cat

Meowscles is an epic rarity outfit in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. It can be obtained from level 60 of the second chapter of the battle pass season. It was previously a spy bot in the game, that is, an artificial entity not controlled by a player. Like all other bosses, it was aggressive and made life difficult for players. Before he became an outfit available to players, he resided at the box factory.


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