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Mercy version cobalt (Overwatch)

Mercy in Blue

For this Gamestop exclusive release, Mercy is shown here in a blue version of her costume. As always, she wears a tunic with metallic armor separating into three parts at the skirt, as well as black pants and matching boots. She is represented in flight, which is made possible by the large blue mechanical wings in her back, and on a transparent plastic base. She holds in her hand a stick reminiscent of a caduceus. At the head level, we find her blond hair tied in a ponytail and this element of her helmet reminding of a halo.


The angelic fighter

Mercy is one of the heroines of Overwatch, the futuristic game from Blizzard Studios in which two groups of six players compete to win an arena. Before becoming a fighter in the Overwatch league, Mercy was a brilliant neurosurgeon in Switzerland, working on nanobiology. Her parents died in the war, so Mercy refused to work for Overwatch for a long time, but she eventually recognized that it would allow her to heal many people on a much larger scale.


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