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Mermaid Deadpool (Deadpool)

And why not a mermaid?

In the comics, Deadpool has the habit of disguising himself very often. In the comics, Deadpool has a habit of wearing disguises over his own Deadpool costume for an even more absurd effect. For this figurine exclusive to Target stores, Funko has represented him with a mermaid costume. He lies on his side and wears a green mermaid tail with nicely represented scales as well as a flower in his hair and starfish as a bra. Finally, to complete the theme, he holds a harpoon gun in his right hand.


The king of disguise

Deadpool is the hero of the famous comics of the same name with a style that is resolutely different from all other Marvel comics. Discovered in the X-Men comics, Deadpool is a mercenary who, after having tried to cure his cancer in a very experimental way, finds himself horribly disfigured but with a regeneration power that makes him almost immortal. At first, Deadpool is mostly out for revenge against those who did this to him, but he becomes a bit of a superhero in spite of himself, choosing his mercenary contracts based on what he thinks is right or wrong. Deadpool is also known for his dark and offbeat humor and his habit of talking to the audience.


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