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Miles Morales (Into The Spiderverse)

Spiderman in flight

Funko has put him on a transparent plastic base to show him jumping for this great version of Miles Morales. As in the cartoon, his outfit is black and red instead of blue and red and his Spiderman logo seems to be sprayed. At the head level, he wears a black mask and his eyes are white. Finally, one of his hands makes the famous sign that he makes when he wants to shoot one of his webs.


Yet another version of Spiderman

Miles Morales is one of the alternative versions of Spiderman in the animated film Into The Spiderverse. In this movie, we find ourselves in a world where more than one character can carry the world of Spiderman and where the authors have gone to find many alternative versions of the character, which we have seen in various comics. Miles Morales is also a teenager from New York, Brooklyn to be precise, who was bitten by a radioactive spider. This gave him superpowers and the original Spiderman became his mentor and helped him learn how to use them.


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