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Momo Yaoyorozu (My Hero Academia)

An outfit that explains

Since her alter gives her the possibility to create objects coming directly from under her skin, it explains the necessity to have a maximum of exposed skin in order to avoid tearing her clothes all the time. She wears a short yellow skirt with a top completely open on the front and red boots. She is shown holding a stick in her hands. Finally, her long black hair is tied in a ponytail that is partially held up and a large lock falls in front of her face.


An important lineage

Momo is a student of Yuei High School in the famous anime series and manga My Hero Academia. Coming from a family rich with famous heroes, she entered Yuei High School on recommendation. Having had a rather lonely childhood where discipline was the rule, Momo is sometimes shy but she aspires to become a selfless superhero whose goal is to help people. Her alter allows her to create any non-living matter from the fat cells under her skin. This explains why she always has to eat a lot while remaining very thin.


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