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Morgan et Tony Stark (Avengers Endgame)

Sad reunion

Funko has depicted Tony Stark and his daughter in one of the end scenes of the movie when he talks to his daughter in a recorded message through the hologram he created by himself. He is represented in a slightly transparent blue plastic. He is sitting upside down on a chair and we recognize the jacket, the pants and the boots he wears as well as his goatee and his hair styled upwards. Morgan Stark is wearing brown pants with pink sneakers and a matching vest. She also wears a helmet similar to Iron Man’s but purple and holds a kind of glove that allows her to project the hologram. Her father’s helmet is next to her on the ground.


A heroic sacrifice

Tony Stark is one of the main characters of the Avengers saga from Marvel Studios. He is a famous billionaire genius who inherited his father’s empire. But his kidnapping by terrorists made him review the activities of his company and focus more on defense than weaponry. He also created a flying armor equipped with weapons and thrusters that allowed him to fly, which earned him the name of superhero Iron Man. He also joined a group of superheroes consisting of Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and later, Scarlet Witch. In Avengers Infinity War, they fight their most dangerous enemy, Thanos. Thanos manages to gather the Infinity Stones, which gives him the ability to wipe out half the population of the galaxy out of existence. During the next five years, the survivors, including Tony Stark, learn to get used to this new world. He is married to Pepper, they have a daughter Morgan and live in a country house. When the other Avengers find a way to undo what Thanos has done. They succeed, but Tony Stark holds one of the Infinity Stones in his hand and sacrifices his life to do so.


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