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mossy Groot (Les Gardiens De La Galaxie)

Groot covered with moss

Funko has chosen to represent Groot covered with moss for one of its many versions of the public’s favorite character. Indeed, Groot is a humanoid tree with two legs and two arms made of intertwined branches and bark and on this version, he is also partly covered with green moss. At the level of the head, we find this so particular elongated shape with small shoots on the top. His eyes are black and his mouth is a straight line that gives the impression that he is not really happy with what happens to him.


A living tree

Groot is one of the heroes of the movie Guardians Of The Galaxy from Marvel Studios and the first of them taking place entirely in space. Groot is a kind of anthropomorphic tree named Groot. And although he apparently understands everything that is said to him, he only expresses himself with the word Groot with different intonations that only his partner Rocket, the intelligent and genetically modified raccoon, seems to understand. Both of them are bounty hunters and the problems start when they try to capture Peter Quill together with the dangerous Gamora and they all end up in jail together. They then decide to join forces with Drax to escape and share the money from the sale of the stone that made Peter Quill end up with a price on his head. Only it is the dangerous Ronan who gets it back and intends to destroy a planet with it. The group joins forces to save the planet and Groot sacrifices himself during the ship crash to protect them. Fortunately, there are still some shoots left and Rocket will be able to grow a new version of Groot.


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