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Mounted White Walker (Game Of Thrones)

A dead mount

This white walker is the first one that the heroes meet in the series and he is then on horseback to control his army. The white walker has a blue skin with a darker blue tunic worn with matching boots. His hair and beard are white and his eyes are the supernatural blue of all white walkers and their zombies. In his hand, he holds his simple spear made of wood and an ice tip. His horse is obviously a dead horse that he brought back to life. You can see most of the skeleton in its head and bones in two of its legs. Where mane remains, it is gray. The horse also wears a very simple saddle and bits with teeth.


The first white walker

The White Walkers are the biggest threat on the continent of Westeros in the Game Of Thrones series inspired by the famous novels of George Martin. At the beginning of the series, they are talked about as a legend of creatures living beyond the giant ice wall separating the north from the rest of the continent and that children are told to scare them. But as soon as Jon Snow enters the Night’s Watch, events show that these creatures may not be so legendary and that with winter coming, they are waking up and seem determined to fight. The white walkers are terrifying skeletal looking creatures that have the ability to wake up all the dead and turn them into zombie soldiers in their service, which they control completely. We see their zombie soldiers a few times in season 1 but it’s only in season 2 that we see a white walker for the first time when he and his army attack the night watch troop of which Jon Snow is a part.


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