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Movie Moments Captain America VS Thanos (Avengers Infinity War)

A cult moment

For this movie moment exclusive to Hot Topic stores, Funko has represented the moment where Captain America fights Thanos directly. They are represented on a dirt base with some debris. Thanos can be seen wearing his famous gauntlet where the stones are gathered and Camtain America trying to take him away. Thanos has as always his purple skin and the funny shape of his chin as well as his tunic with golden details and his brown boots. Captain America, much smaller, has one foot forward and can be seen struggling with all his strength to pull off the glove. He is wearing his usual Captain America costume and his hair is a bit longer with a thick beard.


One last attempt

Thanos is the ultimate villain of the last two Avengers movies. He is a titan of unparalleled strength and size and has been pursuing a goal for many years. After the destruction of his planet due to overpopulation and resource depletion, Thanos is determined to destroy half the population of the galaxy. While he was doing planet after planet, he was also looking for a way to do it all at once thanks to the six infinity stones he started to collect. But several of them are on Earth and the Avengers are determined to try and stop him. After successfully taking Doctor Strange’s, he arrives in Wakanda where the final battle is fought to retrieve the one that is part of Vision. All the Avengers are going to attack him, and Thor and Captain America are going to give him a hard time, but Thanos is still too powerful for them and he’s finally going to manage to gather all the stones and do what he wanted to do from the beginning.


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