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Mr Freeze (Batman & Robin)

A typical look of his time

Mr. Freeze is represented here with his famous metallic suit that looks like a kind of modern armor. This one is silver-gray with small light blue elements everywhere. At the level of the head, we also wear a kind of suit that covers a large part of his head but we can still see that his face is entirely blue. Finally, he holds in his hands the freezing gun which he uses to rob jewelry stores and museums to steal diamonds.


A cold villain

Mr. Freeze is the main villain of the movie Batman & Robin, the only film adaptation of the famous hero starring George Clooney as Batman. He’s a villain who got noticed in Gotham City for stealing many diamonds. During his first confrontation with Batman and Robin, he freezes Robin in place with his gun and this prevents Batman from pursuing him. Later, we learn that the latter is actually called Victor Fries. He was a scientist who tried to find a cure for McGregor’s syndrome in order to save his seriously ill wife. He did not succeed but caused a reaction in him that made him survive only at freezing temperatures and for that he had to wear a cryogenic suit that he fed with diamonds.


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