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Nazgul (The Lord Of The Rings)

A faceless ghost

The status of the Nazgul is not really clear, being creatures somewhere between death and life, we never see their body or their face, always hidden under a black cloak and hood. Beneath this thick black robe and cloak, eaten away by decay and rust, the Nazgul has no face, only darkness. His hands are also hidden, gloved in metal armor. In his right hand, he holds his sword, with fine, luxurious detail that reminds us that before he became a Nazgul, he was one of the most important human kings.

The ancient kings who became spectres

The Nazgul are creatures that we find in a recurring way in the Lord of the Rings, the famous cinematographic and literary work of heroic fantasy. The story tells of the struggle between Sauron, the terrible lord of Mordor, and the alliance of free peoples to prevent him from taking over Middle Earth. Thousands of years ago, Sauron created rings of power and gave them to the greatest kings of the major races: nine for men, seven for dwarves and three for elves. But he also created a ring that would control them all. While the elves resisted, the men were corrupted by its power and the nine kings became Nazgul, creatures not truly alive but not dead either, and responsive only to the power of the ring. When, thousands of years later, Sauron regains his strength, he sends them in search of the ring.


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