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Ned Stark avec t?te coup?e (Game Of Thrones)

A rather gory figurine

This figurine is almost identical to the one already created by Funko for the first series of figurines of the series. Created for the 2013 comic con, this figure represents Ned Stark in the outfit he wears during most of the series: a brown leather tunic over a blue-gray wool tunic with long sleeves. With this, he wears matching brown boots and gloves that are representative of the austere style of the Northerners. In his right hand, he holds his sword and on his chest, we find the brooch in the shape of a hand that represents his function at the king’s court. Finally, on his head, we find his hair and his brown beard. This is where the difference with the previous figurine lies, his eyes are half closed to represent the fact that he is dead and all along his neck, we can see a long trail of blood. And most importantly, his head is removable.



Ned Stark is one of the main characters of season one of Game Of Thrones, the cult series based on the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire by George Martin. Ned is the lord of the North and of Winterfell, happy to live in the North of the country, far from the capital and from power. But when the king’s hand dies, King Robert Baratheon asks him to take his place. Ned accepts so that he can investigate the death of the previous hand, his mentor. He will then discover terrible secrets about Queen Cersei Lannister but being a man of honor, he gives her the opportunity to explain herself. Unfortunately it is at this moment that the king dies and the queen accuses Ned Stark of treason. Despite an agreement with the queen, the new king Joffrey, only 13 years old, decides to have Ned executed, which precipitates the events and thus triggers the War of the Five Kings.


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