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Night King avec Icy Viserion (Game Of Thrones)

A terrifying duo

For this new Pop Rides, we find this new destructive duo. Viserion is represented on the ground on his back legs and his wings partly unfolded. He has lost his golden and beige color and is now black with shades of blue like all white walkers. He is represented with his mouth open and revealing his teeth and his bright blue eyes. The Night King is represented on his back with his blue skin and his black tunic that we have already seen on other figures of the character. On his face, we can see the marks on his skin as well as those growths and those blue eyes so characteristic of white walkers.


Viserion’s transformation

Viserion is one of the three dragons that hatch from the eggs given to Daenerys during her wedding in the Game Of Thrones series. As Daenerys struggles to gain power, build an army and ultimately take back the throne she believes is hers by right, the dragons grow up and although they are hard to control, they also become her most powerful allies. Meanwhile, across the sea, with winter approaching, the white walkers awaken and seem determined to recreate their army to invade Westeros. When Daenerys finally lands on Westeros in season 7, Jon Snow, one of the few who realizes the threat of the white walkers, comes to her for an alliance, asking for her help to fight the greatest threat on this continent. Together they decide that Jon will go to the other side of the wall to capture a wight and try to convince Cersei to join them too. When Jon and his group find themselves in great danger, Daenerys comes to their rescue on the back of a dragon and followed by the other two. Unfortunately, the Night King manages to hit Viserion and kill him. Daenerys thinks he is lost and flees to save the others. Unfortunately the Night King uses his powers and manages to wake up the dragon to make it one of his wights.


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